About the River

The course for this race is 7.4 miles from Millinocket Lake Dam to Kermit Crandall Park in Millinocket. Millinocket Stream is a drop pool stream with many interesting and busy class II/II+ rapids during the first 4 miles. They come at you at a consistent and comfortable pace. After the first road bridge is a snowmobile bridge that is a mandatory portage on river right or left. About mile 4, paddlers will experience the grand finale of Turtle Pit Rapids. A 3/4 mile long class II/III rapid that requires navigation and river reading skills as there are mid-stream boulders and pour overs. Optional portage on river right. After Turtle Pit Rapids the river calms and paddlers will have a sprint of quick water which brings you into downtown Millinocket. Check out our Facebook page for some video and photos of the Stream.

Participant Safety Requirements.

  • Paddlers must wear an appropriate Coast Guard approved PFD
  • Helmets are required(no bicycle helmets) for canoers and kayakers
  • Throw Bags are required, and a bailer is recommended
  • Knowledge and comfort running class II/III whitewater
  • Float bags are highly recommended for open boats.
  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted at the put in or any time before the race. Violators will be disqualified.
  • Please wear appropriate attire. Water can be chilly and this is a remote run. There are many rapids and you will get wet and possibly capsize. Dress to swim. Wetsuits highly recommended.

  • Type: WW Solid class II/II+(III)
  • Registration: 8-10 am.
  • Participant Meeting: at 10:10 am @ Kermit Crandall Park.
  • Registration Fee: $25 per person
  • Location: Millinocket, Maine
  • Start: Below Millinocket Lake Dam.
  • Finish: Kermit Crandall Park.
  • Parking: Parking at the put in is frowned upon due to limited space (see the “about us tab”)
  • Contact: Chris Howe (207) 607-0691funpow89@yahoo.com

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