Race Proceedings

  • Registration 8-10 am
  • Pre-Race Meeting @ 10:10 am
  • Buses and Transportation leave at 10:35
  • Pre-Race Ceremony 11:30-11:45
  • First Racer sets off at noon and every minute after.
  • Awards and social hour starts at 5pm at Kermit Crandall Park.
  • For the first year, we are keeping boating categories simple and are as follows.
    1. Canoe (rec) Tandem
    2. Canoe (rec) Solo
    3. Canoe or kayak (composite)
    4. Kayak short
    5. Kayak long
    6. SUP
  • Winners from each category will draw a number 1-6 from a hat. Whoever draws the 1 gets the first pick of the prize spread, 2 gets 2nd pick, 3 the 3rd etc.
  • A category must have a minimum of 4 participants to be eligible to be recognized as a standalone category. EX: If only 3 SUP participants show up to race. The winner of the SUP category will automatically assume 5th pick. Once winners have picked the rest will be raffled off.