Race Proceedings

  • Registration 8-10 am
  • Pre-Race Meeting @ 10:10 am
  • Buses and Transportation leave at 10:35
  • Pre-Race Ceremony 11:30-11:45
  • First Racer sets off at noon and every minute after.
  • Social Hour begins at the conclusion of the Race, followed by an Awards Ceremony approximately one hour after last Racer finishes.
  • Categories are as follows:
    1. Canoe (rec) Tandem
    2. Canoe (rec) Solo
    3. Composite (carbon, fiberglass, C1,K1,C2,K2)
    4. Kayak short (under 9′)
    5. Kayak long (over 9′)
    6. SUP
  • Winners from each category will draw a number 1-6 from a hat. Whoever draws the 1 gets the first pick of the prize spread, 2 gets 2nd pick, 3 the 3rd etc.
  • A category must have a minimum of 4 participants to be eligible to be recognized as a standalone category. EX: If only 3 SUP participants show up to race. The winner of the SUP category will automatically assume 5th pick. Once winners have picked the rest will be raffled off.